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  • Leasing Case Study - No Means No Sometimes
  • For nearly 20 years, United Furniture operated a successful location in the east end of Kitchener. Soon after The Brick acquired the United Furniture chain, it was determined that this location was redundant. The landlord was notified that the store would be closed.

    LINKS knew Bad Boy wanted a new superstore in Kitchener, but in a different demographic area of the city. Bad Boy declined this location on 2 separate occasions after LINKS had presented its case for the subject property. A third attempt at luring Bad Boy became almost an obsessive mission to convince the furniture retailer that this location would exceed their expectations. A detailed examination and comparison of the different market choices available to Bad Boy eventually convinced the retailer that the subject property would work.

    Lastman’s Bad Boy now operates one of its best performing stores from this location.