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  • Property Management
  • Links Corporate Realty Ltd. believes that the cornerstone to effective management of a client’s assets is built upon one fundamental principle. That is “look after the property as if it were your own”. Arm’s length relationships with a property’s tenant base is all too familiar a pattern in the marketplace. We take a different approach. We get to know the landlord’s “life blood” intimately. Catering to the tenant’s needs and ensuring a groundwork for a successful enterprise translates into long term results in the pocketbook of the landlord.
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    - Property evaluation
    - Comprehensive maintenance program
    - Tenant liason, rent collection, administration
    - All inclusive, in-house marketing of vacant space
    - Simple to detailed accounting services based on client’s needs
    - Supply of reliable contractors who provide quality repairs
    - Lease administration
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  • Leasing
  • The retail marketplace is like no other in commercial real estate. While the industrial or office market usually offers “predictable lease rates”, retail rents consist of a myriad of different rates. The commercial practitioner must understand and know these rates if he is to effectively represent an owner and generate the proper income stream. A judgement error can be fatal in terms of lost property value.
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  • - A database of over 550 national, regional retailers is available to assist owners
    - Up to date knowledge of current retailers seeking locations
    - Established relationships with all retail commercial brokerages
    - Professionally designed brochures assist owners to advertise their properties
    - Demographic information provided to assist tenants in site selection